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A move to Sydney from my life as a Legal, Accounting and I.T. Troubleshooter in the City of London led to the beginnings of Charlie's Kitchen and also my journey as a Food Critic and Journalist. For the past fifteen years I have written my own column of Restaurant Reviews, Recipes,Food Business and Chef interviews of the likes of Aldo Zilli, Ben Tish and Ed Baines for Free to Street magazines in Sydney, Brighton and London.. 

 I  have had a passion for everything about food since I started cooking at the age of eight.Watching my Mother and my Grandmother freshly grinding spices and using fresh produce from our garden and the market  taught me the importance of always using the best and freshest ingredients in cooking. My heritage is Zimbabwean, English, French and Indian and this has influenced the fusion take on my dishes.

In addition I have suffered from serious illness in my life for over 20 years and so am very focused on maintaining a well balanced and healthy diet which is also reflected in my food.

I use local, sustainable, responsibly sourced UK produce wherever possible and add my own unique twist with the wealth of beautiful ingredients from other parts of the world. I also believe that everyone on this planet should be entitled to good , fresh healthy food.

Food is a daily journey of wonders and discoveries and I'm glad to be on it!   

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